Chapter 1 : Programming Techniques With Additional Instructions / Topic : ProgrammingTechniques: Looping, Counting and Indexing, Additional Data Transfer and 16-Bit Arithmetic Instructions, Arithmetic Instruction Related to Memory, Logic Operations: Rotate, Logics Operations: Compare, Dynamic Debugging / Content : Continuous loop, Conditional loop, 16-Bit Data Transfer to Register Pairs (LXI), Data Transfer (Copy) from Memory to the Microprocessor, Data Transfer (Copy) from the Microprocessor to Memory or Directly into Memory, Arithmetic Operations Related to 16 Bits or Register Pairs, RLC: Rotate Accumulator Left,RAL: Rotate Accumulator Left Through Carry, RRC: Rotate Accumulator Right, RAR: Rotate Accumulator Right Through Carry, CMP R/M: Compare (Register or Memory) with Accumulator, CPI 8-bit: Compare Immediate with Accumulator

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