• Download App from google playstore
  • Install App allow permission
  • Registration Process
  • mobile no verification process
  • selecting university and stream
  • what if you dont remember your registered email and phone no
  • if you are using same device and uninstalled app for some reason
  • after installing app on same device you will need a email address for login, and phone no for forget password
  • by clicking on signup button on login screen you will get registered email address and phone no on the registered device
  • while registration if you enter wrong phone number
  • you will not able to proceed with registration process
  • to continue registration you need teams assistance
  • our team will help you to continue with the registration on call or whatsapp
  • if you have changed yours mobile phone and you have to use The Shikshak App on it
  • after login the App will detect new handset and will send a handset change request to system
  • system will send otp for confirm handset change on yours registered mobile no
  • if users wants to change his subjects or add newly added subject in interested in section
  • user just have to click view all button on interested in section on dashboard
  • now by clicking on plus (+) button you will able to select university and stream, using that you can add, remove subjects
  • while travelling mobile network dont give same speed which may result in bufferring of videos
  • to overcome this problem we have allowed user to download videos on heir devices, procedure is explained in video
  • user has to keep the data pack or wifi on because even after downloading video we need yours viewing stats for analytics which consumes very less data
  • due to some security features of mobile you may land on handset change (which is false positive)
  • to overcome this issue you have to follow the procedure in the given video
  • The Shikshak App

    The Shikshak App is an honest attempt to provide quality education at affordable rates.