BSC-IT SEM 5 Exam Planning: A Comprehensive Guide for 100% Passing Result

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Number of subjects You have in semester 5.

  • Compulsory subjects
    • Software Project Management.
    • Internet of Things.
    • Advanced web programming.
  • Elective subjects Group One.
    • Artificial intelligence Or Linux administration
  • Elective Subjects Group two.
    • Next generation technology.Or Enterprise Java.

Lets see how to plan Study schedule According to The Shikshak App Analysis.

  • Here
    • lecture hours: Means Time required to complete the subject.
    • Average learning hours : Means Time required to understand the subject well by student.
    • Multiplication factor.: Means It is according to the analysis of. Previous year students Data.
  • Example.:
    • If the subject of study, like SPM, requires 21 hours, then to understand it well, you would need to allocate 42 hours, which includes pausing the lectures, marking the important points on the notes, and occasionally adding tags.

How study time varies. According to. The subject groups.

  • Here. You will able to see, The group of AI NGT Needs 202 hours.
  • It means. To complete all 5 subjects, Which has AI and NGT subject, It will take total. 202 hours to complete it.

How to set A target. To complete all subjects.

  • Example.
    • If the Linux ngt group requires 222 hours of study, and you want to complete it in 90 days, you would need to allocate 3 hours per day to cover the entire syllabus.
    • If the target number of days for completing the Linux ngt group study increases or decreases, the daily study time will vary accordingly. For example, if the number of days decreases, you may need to increase your daily study time to cover the material within the shorter timeframe. Conversely, if the number of days increases, you can allocate less time per day for studying.

Which target dates and schedule? Is best for studying.

  • 90 days target. With 3 hours daily Study.
  • 60 days target. With 4 hours Daily Study.
  • 50 days target. With 5 hours daily study.
  • Starting from June 1st provides an advantage, allowing plenty of time for other activities or studying different subjects. Even if you start studying from August, you can still cover the target and complete the syllabus by September. However, the study hours will need to increase to 4 hours per day in this case.

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